“Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes efforts of others towards achievement of a goal.”

―  Kevin Kruse


In digital advertising, Patricia established herself as a high-level efficiency and organization expert and her quick rise in the industry began.  In a few short years, she moved from digital producer to executive producer to director of project management. 

At various agencies, Patricia has led many teams and was often asked to troubleshoot issues that cropped up in groups managed by her peers.

When working with you, she will lead you to your first step in the process of conducting an audit of your business as it currently exist. What works well? What doesn’t? Where are you experiencing pain or conflict? Does how you do business from the start need to evolve?

Working with key stakeholders, we use a quantitative method that supports discovery of issues like bottlenecks, lack of clear process or even lack of well-defined instruction.  Our methods show you clearly where to start. Among other things, this is what differentiates us from other business strategists and transformation consultants.

Some of the questions to ask as you evaluate your list are which of these items will save you time, which will save and make money, which will create more efficiencies in the use of your current resources. Prioritizing the issues to tackle through a quantitative method ensures you are working on exactly what will help you move quickly towards your objectives.

In regular intervals, you need to evaluate how your company is operating, call it your spring cleaning or fall changeover. Let's talk. Do you feel like the plans you made for this year are working? If you are not sure, reach out and ACT NOW!

For an initial strategic session to see if we are a good fit reach out at info@invivoclarity .com. We are looking forward to speaking to you and supporting you towards a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

A genuine, caring, and "can do" kind of person, Patricia has watched and learned from the best and achieved the goals she has set for herself. She knows she can help others with the same.  She says, "Let's work together to clarify what needs to shift in your world in order to achieve the change you desire."