“Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes efforts of others towards achievement of a goal.”

―  Kevin Kruse


Patricia has an international and cross-cultural background, having been raised and educated in both the US and Asia. After receiving her B.S. in Commerce and an M.B.A., both concentrated in Marketing, she settled in New York, where she and her brother set up a women’s clothing design and manufacturing business. 

This endeavor generated business relationships with prestigious retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s New York, Henri Bendel, and other high-end retail boutiques all over the country.  They also produced a designer line that saw two runway showings at the New York Fashion Week. Despite their success in the industry, they envisioned the possibilities of the up-and-coming digital world and switched careers to this new and exciting field.  

In digital advertising, Patricia established herself as a high-level efficiency and organization expert and her quick rise in the industry began.  In a few short years, she moved from digital producer to executive producer to director of project management. 


At various agencies, Patricia has led many teams and was often asked to troubleshoot issues that cropped up in groups managed by her peers.

When asked the question, "what in your career are you most proud of?" she can point to a number of former direct reports that have moved on and have become not only senior managers but accomplished leaders in their own right.

She says that it is the hallmark of her career. "It is great that I have changed chaos into well-oiled machines, but it is even greater that I've influenced others enough to find their own mission."

While working at the director level in project management, Patricia completed certifications in coaching as well as receiving Magna cum Laude honors when graduating with her second bachelor's degree in Psychology. 

A genuine, caring, and "can do" kind of person, Patricia has watched and learned from the best and achieved the goals she has set for herself. She knows she can help others with the same.  She says, "Let's work together to clarify what needs to shift in your world in order to achieve the change you desire."