Free Advice.

I just got off the call with a lovely man who has a service that he would like to offer to the market.  He was picking my brain with regard to details for the offering, etc.  In essence, he got a free coaching/consulting session. 

I do not know if I have spoken about this before but I am a mentor with Business Mentor NY as a way to give back to the community.  Although this man was not from NY, the discussion we had were along the same vein as the discussions I have with my mentees from the program.

In as much as I love paying clients, I also love giving back to the community at large that need advice in the business or personal growth arena. I have found that the law of the universe – that you get back what you give, rings true and certainly, I have reaped the benefits of my contributions.

It is true that if you are not feeling so good about yourself or are in a rut, that taking time to help those in need is uplifting and changes your frame of mind. Trite but true.  Really.

Coaching is my true passion in life.  I get to help businesses and people achieve goals they once thought were out of reach; goals that they had not been able to clearly articulate and achieve on their own.

With this, I wish everyone a great weekend ahead. And here is to meeting more people that see the value in aligning with In Vivo Clarity and what we have to offer.