The Thing.

I have been working on a project for a while now and let’s just say OVERWHELM has hit me hard. I am sure you can empathize. When you have a project with a ton of moving parts sometimes you don’t know where to start, what ends and what begins. All over the places, that is where everything is.

I had a short conversation with someone and they said three MAGIC words, “Make A List.”  Wow!  Really?  I was flabbergasted. Of course, MAKE A LIST.  See the flow of the work, check off what is done and fill in the rest. Simple!

Sometimes when you are too close to the work, it ends up that you forget the basics; you forget “101.” Make that list. Make that checklist. Then go from there.

I made that list and not only do I now understand that I am way ahead of the game but now it feels like there is a larger light at the end of the tunnel.

Whenever you feel overwhelm, sit down and write that list. See what it is that you have already accomplished and what your next steps are. Not only will you feel better, it will definitely help you keep moving forward! Sometimes the simple things that are the best things. Good luck!