Do any of situations below resonate with what you are going through in  your life now?

  • Needing a Career Change or Transformation.

  • Skill-Set Enhancement Support.

  • Help with Expanding Your Recreational Horizons.

  • Mulling Over Starting Your Own Business.

  • You are a Young Adult Needing Help Setting Goals.

Life coaching solutions are developed through the creation of a proposal after an initial conversation on the needs of the client. Once the proposal is agreed to, solutions may range from exploratory questioning to the development of values assessment that helps the individual understand what they need to thrive. The coach is a guide that excels in extracting information from the individual in a comforting and comfortable manner.  Assignments after each session are common and helpful.

With an international and cross-cultural background, Patricia Tagle has been exposed to multiple life perspectives. Being decisive and goal-oriented, Patricia saw co-workers and friends’ alike struggle with decisions around life changes, either contemplated or thrust upon them unexpectedly.  There was a need for someone to objectively support people in these type of situations.

A genuine, caring, and "can do" kind of person, Patricia has achieved the goals she has set for herself and knows she can help others do the same.  She says, "Let's work together to clarify what needs to shift in your world in order to achieve the change you desire."


"At a time when I was at a crossroads in my life, particularly with challenging changes at work, Patricia's guidance allowed me to put the "challenges" into perspective. With her help I realized that I had the answers within me and all I needed was to approach the situations in a clear, concise, and organized fashion, which she guided me through. Patricia's coaching helped me overcome my fears and allowed me to get through the situation confidently and come out feeling empowered."   D.I.  NYC, NY


"Excellent listener.  She has the ability help to you identify the roadblocks (problematic, habitual negative patterns) by asking probing questions and getting you to proper conclusions. Alongside this, Patricia is quite adept and driving you towards the development of a executable time-based plan, which equals success.

During our sessions, she is extremely focused and will both challenge and inspire you to move forward. I have been with Patricia for about a year now and I am proud to say that I am accomplishing all my business goals and more.  Bottom line, I love her constant support and her "kick-a**," never give up attitude."  T.G. Lawrenceville, NJ

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