“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it   within himself.”    ― Galileo Galilei


Do any of these environments feel like one or more that you are in:

·      You are a C-level executive and need objective perspective as your team seems to be “yes-ing” everything topic or strategy you bring up thereby negating your need for leadership-level feedback.

·       You’ve promoted someone to a leadership position and they are not quite fulfilling their potential.

·       You feeling friction between teams or departments in your organization and are not equipped with leadership skills to solve this or you just don't have the time?

·       Your business is expanding and that is great, but you don't understand the skills you need to steer your ship in the right direction.

If any or all of this sounds like the environment you are in, you have come to the right place. There are titles and roles in abundance where leadership soft and hard skills are needed.  We can help you understand your weaknesses and minimize those as you maximize your strengths. 



This is a one-day strategy session using the SIEIZE framework. SIEZE stands for Summit for Internal Efficiency and Zipped-Up Evolution.

This summit is for companies that are:

  • tired of hiring consultants that take too much time to get to their recommendations,
  • at a loss for figuring out what it is that keeps them in the vortex of futility,
  • stuck in departmental red tape or
  • just plain having a hard time articulating what each group needs to focus on.

This one-day solutions session involves all stakeholders, at once. In one day we will delve into the goals for each department, understand where each feels bottlenecks lie.

Armed with this new found comprehension and cooperation between departments, we can begin to form the action plan that will drive your business forward. For more information please email info@invivoclarity. com


Check-ins with all Department Heads to ensure that the Efficiency Challenge Solutions are being put into place as per departmental agreement. For more information please email info@invivoclarity. com


Leadership training for senior level management or C-Suite Support. Encourages and supports senior level leadership traits. For C-Suite, a check-in to ensure that long-term visions for overall organization is on track and to be a sounding board for other ideas that will improve company structure as culture starts to change. For more information please email info@invivoclarity. com


This is part of an advanced level consulting set. We can discuss how this product fits into your long-term company strategy after SIEZE stakeholders conference.



In this talk, we will engage your mid-level and senior leadership in an interactive discussion with regard to their views on leadership. We will also provide food for thought through statistical and anecdotal evidence of what leadership values truly resonate, what is really powerful.

We have distilled the advice and views of thought leaders into a concise presentation that will keep your audience engaged and leaving with viable solutions to their leadership questions. For more information, please email info@invivoclarity. com


When your team is under "siege" be in from a compliance standpoint, a mass exodus for reasons beyond the company's control -- that leaves the people that are still in place feeling a bit stretched thin, we can help. 

Leadership in crisis gets to the crux of how to approach this situation, survive it, and ultimately thrive as the work environment starts to normalize. It helps your leadership teams understand what to do right now, how to help and support their direct reports. For more information, please email info@invivoclarity. com




This workshop will give you an overview of the work that is done during our leadership strategy sessions.  You will come away from this workshop:

  • With firm goals from what has been merely percolating in your mind (probably for far too long)
  • Quantitative decision with regard to priority
  • An actionable plan

Please come with the intent to work on moving yourself or your business forward. For more information, please email info@invivoclarity. com


When you are a leader, it is all about anticipating and managing risk. This seminar will give you the understanding of what Risk Management is without a lot of the jargon that just confuses the concept. Created with a broad range of industries in mind, this will teach you how to create the proper environment for your teams, objectives, and projects. For more information please email info@invivoclarity. com



"Patricia is an amazing resource. She helped me develop a plan to help me realize my leadership potential at work by working with me to honestly evaluate my existing skill set and bring my attention to opportunities for development.  Together, we set up specific performance goals and a detailed plan on fulfilling them.   Additionally, with her coaching, I was able to identify further avenues where I could offer additional value. Patricia's natural skill is invaluable if you are interested in professional growth and personal guidance."  

E.K., Manhattan, NY